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T-Shirt Contest: Find Smaltz's Survey to Win!

Where in the World is Ben Smaltz’s Survey?

Republican politicians have a habit that is plain to see.

They are “very pro-life” conservatives during campaign season, but once the legislative session rolls around, they behave more like pro-abort liberals.

I’ve had enough of “pro-life” chameleons like Rep. Ben Smaltz slipping into the Statehouse on a pro-life ticket and then morphing into Planned Parenthood’s champion.

We need to hold our legislators’ feet to the fire and ensure they really do fight to protect an unborn baby’s right to live.

After all, that’s what we put them in office to do!

One way for true pro-lifers like you and me to hold our elected officials accountable is to keep track of their promises with the Hoosiers for Life candidate survey.

For example, some “pro-life” Republicans, might proudly answer they want to end all abortions in Indiana.

BUT once they’re elected, they might be the chairman of the Public Policy committee and kill a bill that would do just that.

And then I will tell their voters all about it.

The deadline for returning these candidate surveys is fast approaching, and Rep. Ben Smaltz’s survey is STILL nowhere to be found!

Maybe it’s lost somewhere out there in the wild, wild west. Or, maybe he sent it over to his buddies at Planned Parenthood for approval, since he is their bill killer of the year.

Could it be a terrorist took off with it? A band of disgruntled pro-lifers?

Or, since House Speaker Brian Bosma declared the legislature has done its job and dealt with everything that’s really important this session (which did not include ending abortion in Indiana), maybe Smaltz dumped it in the garbage like the 16,000 pre-born babies he doomed the last two years.

I’m beginning to think Smaltz does not intend to get back with me.

Maybe Ben Smaltz can be chicken winged into filling out his survey.

I sure hope some civil conversations between Smaltz and his voters can prompt him to send it in.

Right HERE you will find a blank candidate survey. Print it and take it to Ben. If you can persuade him to fill it out and get it back to me, I’ll give you a free Hoosiers for Life t-shirt.

Every hard earned dollar you give is put to good use, whether it’s printing petitions or legislative surveys, reaching new friends about Protection at Conception, or even publishing this post.

I’m so thankful for your support, my friend. We don’t have millionaire money bags keeping us afloat here at Hoosiers for Life. But when all of us chip in a little, even just $5 or $10, it really adds up.

And thanks for your help in getting Smaltz’s candidate survey back.

Any “pro-life” Republican should be happy to answer questions regarding a pre-born baby’s right to live, so I expect to get Ben Smaltz’s very soon, especially after some prodding from you.


Amy Schlichter

Executive Director

P.S. Our 2018 candidate surveys are rolling in, but we don’t have Rep. Ben Smaltz’s back yet! I have a challenge for you. Print this survey and take it to Ben. Ask him to fill it out and return it. If you are the one to get him to do it, you win a free Hoosiers for Life t-shirt!

A survey like this helps us hold our elected officials accountable for promises they make during campaign season.

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