• Amy Schlichter

WANTED: Smaltz Survey

WANTED: Smaltz Survey

Dear Friend,

I could use your help.

I’ve searched high and low and double-checked my mailbox, but Rep. Ben Smaltz’s survey is nowhere to be found!

Since I’ve been keeping careful track of incoming surveys, I know I didn’t lose it.


This is concerning. I mean, the guy says he is pro-life, so he should be happy to fill out a list of questions asking how he intends to protect innocent pre-born babies.

I know you’ve been calling your legislators about this survey, and I’m thankful for that. Do me a favor, and give Ben a buzz. Urge him to fill out and return the Hoosiers for Life candidate survey.

You can reach Ben Smaltz here: 317-232-9850.

Pro-life voters across the state want to know what he has to say.

And how about this. The first constituent who persuades Ben to turn in his survey wins a free t-shirt!