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Smaltz Struggles to Convince Voters He is Pro-Life

Smaltz Struggles to Convince Voters He is Pro-Life

Dear Friends,

I warned you early in the legislative session the wolves would be working hard to deceive the sheep.

After all, it’s election season.

The man responsible for killing the Protection at Conception bill, Rep. Ben Smaltz, is behaving as predicted. He’s attempting to convince voters he is pro-life—but he’s struggling.

Smaltz is giving it all he’s got.

He is feeding constituents scripted answers on how he really is pro-life but just can’t end the legalized slaughter of innocent babies right now.

Voters are not falling for it.

Ben Smaltz’s actions in the past two years have peeled away his phony sheep-skin to reveal the dangerous wolf he truly is.

In 2017, the chance to end the killing of pre-born humans fell into Smaltz’s lap when the Protection at Conception bill was placed in his committee, but he squandered it.

Smaltz refused to give the bill a hearing and a vote, stating he wanted to make sure babies conceived in rape could still be murdered.

After he buried Rep. Curt Nisly’s bill, Planned Parenthood publicly thanked Smaltz for killing the only bill in Indiana which would save all babies from abortion.

Following the House Speaker’s orders, Ben Smaltz killed the Protection at Conception bill again this year, this time using different excuses as to why abortion should remain safe and legal.

My friend, when a legislator COULD end abortion but REFUSES, and furthermore, is touted as a hero by Planned Parenthood, he is not pro-life!

No matter what kind of lines the fraud tries to feed you, no matter which “important” so-and-so he snaps a picture with-- a guy who fights to keep abortion safe and legal is not a friend to his pre-born neighbor or the pro-life movement.

Oh, he might try to do something nice for you, like force the health department to document when abortionists hurt women while in the process of ripping apart babies, but ask yourself: What did this guy do with the bill that could’ve ended it all?

If he didn’t do everything he could to fight for the complete and total abolition of human abortion, then he is not pro-life. He is pro-abortion, with exceptions.

This is a truth Hoosiers will not forget: because of Ben Smaltz, 16,000 babies will be dead by the end of 2018.

I think about the children lost and I am motivated to fight even harder. I have not given up, and I know you won’t either.

Hoosiers for Life is gearing up to promote the Protection at Conception bill again next session, and we could use your help. If this bill passes, it would mean the abortion numbers in Indiana would be zero. What a day that will be!

First, you can sign your petition right now to let your legislators know you believe all babies should be protected at the moment of conception.

And, if they contact you asking for your vote this election season, you should ask them—Are you pro-life like Curt Nisly, or are you pro-choice with exceptions like Ben Smaltz?

It’s time to show our lawmakers we mean business and demand they do their jobs to protect the innocent.

The movement to completely end abortion is growing, but we want to tell even more people the news about Protection at Conception. Our goal is to reach 50,000 more people by the end of this year. At $1 per person, chipping in $10 or $15 could help us reach 10 or 15 new people!

I will keep you up to date on election season reports. I’m sure Smaltz will press on with his rhetoric. People all over the state don’t believe what he’s saying. And I’m glad to hear his voters aren’t buying it, either.


Amy Schlichter

Executive Director

P.S. Rep. Ben Smaltz of Auburn is trying hard to convince his voters he is pro-life, but it is not working. Residents of Indiana House District 52 know Smaltz is responsible for killing the bill that would’ve ended abortion in Indiana. Politicians who only want save a few babies from abortion are “pro-abortion with exceptions.”

P.P.S. Please sign your petition supporting the Protection at Conception bill right away. Your legislator should care what you think during election season! After that, I hope you’ll consider chipping in $10 or $15 to help us meet our goal of reaching 50,000 people by the end of this year.

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