• Amy Schlichter

Exposing Frauds in the Statehouse

Exposing Frauds in the Statehouse

Dear Friend,

Anytime now, your Indiana State Representatives and Senators will open their mai lboxes to find an important piece of mail, one in which you, the pro-life voter, will take great interest.

Hoosiers for Life is mailing a survey to Indiana legislators, asking them where they stand on the issue of LIFE and the Protection at Conception bill. After all, voters have a right to know whether or not their elected officials intend to end the legalized killing of innocent babies in our state.

This survey is important because it will allow us to compare legislators’ promises with legislators’ actions. In other words, it will help us expose the frauds in the Indiana Statehouse.

You see, during election season, many politicians, like Rep. Ben Smaltz, promise voters they are pro-life. However, when the legislative session comes around, they have a long list of lame excuses as to why they can’t stop the slaughter of innocent pre-born babies.

In Smaltz’s case, Planned Parenthood thanked him for killing the bill that would’ve ended abortion in Indiana. And I made sure his voters knew about it.