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BREAKING: Indiana Leadership Kills Life Bill

Friends for Life,

The Indiana Legislature will move along as normal today. Officials will gather at the Statehouse to discuss what they feel are the most pressing issues and supposedly represent every single one of you.

So far this session, lawmakers have discussed topics from one end of the spectrum to the next, focusing on what they think is “really important.” Yes, it’s a normal day for Indiana Republicans. But their voters see today differently.

Voters from every end of the state still have their mouths dropped open in awe because we still have not received a hearing on the bill to end abortion in our state.

For the second year in a row, Rep. Ben Smaltz of Auburn, under the leadership of Speaker Brian Bosma of Indy, has killed the Protection at Conception bill. This death has Hoosiers transitioning from being shocked at the news to becoming downright angry.

Yesterday, many groups and individuals who supported the Life bill gathered at the Statehouse to plead one last time for a hearing and a vote on the bill, but yet again they were ignored completely by Republican legislators.

Did you hear that? People from all over the state who support Rep. Curt Nisly’s bill begged for a hearing to stop the ripping apart of little children and our Republican officials looked the other way!

One Representative did walk out from the House Chamber and shake each one of their hands though, Rep. Curt Nisly of Goshen, the Author of the HB 1097.

Rep. Nisly has proven to be a strong supporter of life by authoring for two consecutive years a bill that would end abortion in Indiana. His heroic stance against the murdering of children in our state has sent a loud message and I predict the message will continue to gain volume right into our primary season.

Many of the officials who so boldy mocked the Protection at Conception bill and Rep. Nisly’s efforts will soon be heading back to their districts to rally support for their re-elections.

As they arrive with their “pro-life” rhetoric and their big endorsements, don’t forget to ask them if they supported the only bill in Indiana that would have stopped abortion, and when they give you their rehearsed answer, imagine them standing on the backs of 8,000 dead babies when they say it!

The Protection at Conception bill is now dead in the Indiana Statehouse. The men and women who have been elected to uphold the Indiana Constitution has failed to understand it. I compel each and every one of you to not shrink back but rather see the battle ahead of you.

As you mourn the babies lives that you all so bravely tried to save; please direct your energy to this link: Pay close attention to the 2018 Primary Election Candidates Link.

That page will show you which districts have challengers and which ones are still uncontested. Reach out to each person of interest and ask them this very important question:

Will you co-author and/or support publicly a bill to end abortion in Indiana?

If they say anything other than YES, then they are not with us on this very important issue.

Primary election season is just around the corner. This may prove to be a difficult time for the Indiana Republicans currently in office who disagree with voters on what’s “really important.”

Thank you so much for fighting for the innocent. I’m not giving up, and I know you won’t either. Each and every pre-born baby is precious, and I will not quit until all Hoosier babies are protected at the moment of conception.

For Life,

Amy Schlichter

Executive Director

P.S. Indiana legislators carry on as usual today, but their voters back at home are still shocked at their refusal to hear HB 1097, a bill to end abortion in our state.

Although Ben Smaltz, under Brian Bosma's leadership, has killed the Protection at Conception bill, I urge you to look forward to the battle ahead. Primary election season is coming up. You can check for candidates in your district here.

Ask each potential candidate: Will you co-author and/or support publicly a bill to end abortion in Indiana? If they answer anything other than “YES,” they do not agree with you on what is “really important.”

Paid for by the supporters of Hoosiers for Life, a tax exempt non-profit organization under IRC 501(c)(4) which does not endorse, support, or oppose candidates for election.

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