• Amy Schlichter

BREAKING: Indiana Leadership Kills Life Bill

Friends for Life,

The Indiana Legislature will move along as normal today. Officials will gather at the Statehouse to discuss what they feel are the most pressing issues and supposedly represent every single one of you.

So far this session, lawmakers have discussed topics from one end of the spectrum to the next, focusing on what they think is “really important.” Yes, it’s a normal day for Indiana Republicans. But their voters see today differently.

Voters from every end of the state still have their mouths dropped open in awe because we still have not received a hearing on the bill to end abortion in our state.

For the second year in a row, Rep. Ben Smaltz of Auburn, under the leadership of Speaker Brian Bosma of Indy, has killed the Protection at Conception bill. This death has Hoosiers transitioning from being shocked at the news to becoming downright angry.

Yesterday, many groups and individuals who supported the Life bill gathered at the Statehouse to plead one last time for a hearing and a vote on the bill, but yet again they were ignored completely by Republican legislators.

Did you hear that? People from all over the state who support Rep. Curt Nisly’s bill begged for a hearing to stop the ripping apart of little children and our Republican officials looked the other way!

One Representative did walk out from the House Chamber and shake each one of their hands though, Rep. Curt Nisly of Goshen, the Author of the HB 1097.

Rep. Nisly has proven to be a strong supporter of life by authoring for two consecutive years a bill that would end abortion in Indiana. His heroic stance against the murdering of children in our state has sent a loud message and I predict the message will continue to gain volume right into our primary season.