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Smaltz Refuses to Close Murder Loophole

Dear Friend,

For 45 years now, Indiana law has allowed a loophole for murder—abortion.

Murder is illegal UNLESS the victim resides within her mother.  If that’s the case, then you can kill her and get away with it.

Do you know what happened today because of this loophole?

Planned Parenthood “counseled” women on how to best kill their babies.

Indiana University trained doctors how to vacuum babies out of their mothers’ wombs.

Twenty pre-born boys and girls dodged instruments inserted into their safe and perfect world and silently screamed as the suction ripped off an arm, then a leg, and then everything.

This will happen again tomorrow, and the next day, and the next, until we close the loophole.  

My friends, the death toll is rising under Republican leadership, and only one man in the Indiana Statehouse has been courageous enough to try to stop it completely.  

Pro-life hero, Rep. Curt Nisly, authored the Protection at Conception bill, HB 1097, which will effectively end abortion in Indiana, closing the murder loophole.

While you might expect a "pro-life" legislator to quickly make room in his schedule for saving Hoosier babies, Rep. Ben Smaltz, chairman of the committee to which HB 1097 was assigned, has refused to even hear the bill.  

This is exactly what House Speaker, Rep. Brian Bosma, instructed him to do.

Smaltz sure has proven to be a good little pawn, obeying Bosma’s command to bury the Protection at Conception bill, while ignoring voters’ demands to hear it.

Yes, Ben Smaltz has chosen allegiance to House Speaker, Brian Bosma, over protecting an unborn baby’s God given right to live.  

Pro-lifers all over the state are demanding an end to the slaughter of innocent babies, but Ben Smaltz refuses to close the loophole which allows for their murders.

Friends, IF HE REALLY WANTED TO, Smaltz could still hear HB 1097.  

That’s why I’m counting on you to call him every day until January 30th and demand a fair hearing and a vote on HB 1097, the Protection at Conception bill.

Ben Smaltz can be reached at 317-232-9850.

If Smaltz really cares about his pre-born neighbor, he will at least let the rest of the committee hear the arguments on this life saving bill.

We do not have much time left, so please, call Ben again today.  Tell him it’s time to close the loophole for murder in Indiana.


Amy Schlichter

Executive Director

P.S.  A loophole for murder exists in Indiana law: abortion.  Curt Nisly's Protection at Conception bill, HB 1097, would close the loophole, but Rep. Ben Smaltz, chairman of the Public Policy committee, refuses to grant this historic bill a hearing and a vote.

Time is running out, so please do not delay, call Ben today and every day until January 30th to demand a fair hearing and a vote on HB 1097.  

Ben Smaltz can be reached at 317-232-9850.

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