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Smaltz Blocks Discussion Of Life Bill

State Rep. Ben Smaltz, chair of the Public Policy Committee in the House, is declining to even meet with supporters of HB 1097, Rep. Curt Nisly’s bill, to end human abortion in Indiana.

Hoosiers for Life requested to have a conversation about the Protection at Conception bill and to address any concerns Rep. Smaltz may have.  But Smaltz declined to meet with Hoosiers for Life and still refuses to call a hearing for HB 1097.

Amy Schlichter, Executive Director of Hoosiers for Life, states, “It’s shocking to see how the Chairman continues to silence the conversation about the Hoosier babies who are facing death this year.  We continually encourage a hearing on behalf of voters all throughout the state, yet he refuses.”  

She continues by stating, “The question is why is he afraid to have a hearing in committee, why is this not worthy of being discussed.  Any concerns he may have could be addressed in this way, yet he withholds the dialogue so many people demand.  Because of this, children will die and he seems to not have any concern.”

Smaltz pulled the same maneuver last year, refusing to allow a hearing and a vote.  Rep. Smaltz’ district includes all of Dekalb county, the Huntertown area of Allen County, and the Hamilton area of Steuben county.  

Though the deadline for a hearing is fast approaching, there is still time to change Ben Smaltz’ mind.  Please contact him at 317-232-9850 to demand a hearing and a vote on HB 1097, the Protection at Conception bill.  

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