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“Pro-Life” Republicans Seek to Keep Abortion Safe and Legal

Dear Friend,

“Pro-life” Republicans at the Indiana Statehouse have come up with SO MANY reasons to keep abortion safe and legal this past week.

Can you believe the Vice Chair of Public Policy, pastor Timothy Wesco actually said it would be detrimental to the pro-life cause if abortion were ended in our state?!

A bill to provide protection at conception for ALL pre-born babies, HB 1097, sits on the desk of Public Policy chairman, Ben Smaltz, and instead of championing for the lives of nearly 8,000 Hoosier babies this year alone, Wesco insists abortion must be kept legal, for the sake of the pro-life cause!

What is this “pro-life cause” Wesco is afraid to ruin? Clean clinics? Certified doctors? As far as I’m concerned, the pro-life cause is about the babies and ending abortion once and for all!

If abortion is abolished, there will be no need for clean clinics in which to kill babies or doctors to kill them “safely” because no babies will be killed.

Asserting we can’t prohibit abortion because it would be detrimental to the pro-life cause is like saying we can’t end the holocaust because it would be detrimental to the Jewish cause.

And Wesco’s wild excuse is just the beginning.

Ben Smaltz has yet to grant HB 1097 a hearing and a vote, which is not surprising, given his lame excuses last year. Some of Smaltz’s arguments sound like they came straight from the Planned Parenthood playbook.

Planned Parenthood thanked Smaltz for killing bill last year

First, Smaltz contended rape conceived children should be able to be murdered, even stating he would want to make sure his own wife could kill a rape-conceived child. When we said, “Ben, it’s wrong to kill babies because their fathers are criminals,” he moved to his next excuse.

Smaltz argued saving all babies from abortion would undo all of the work that’s been done before. Good parts of the bill would be stricken, leaving Indiana as a state with abortion at anytime for any reason, with dirty clinics and unqualified doctors killing babies throughout all nine months of pregnancy. He said, “It will be like the wild, wild west out there.”

Ben must not have read the bill.

We answered, “Ben, there’s a non-severability clause in the bill.”

A non-severability clause means either the bill is accepted “as-is,” or the whole thing is tossed out. In other words, if the courts were to strike down any part, the law would go back to the way it was before the bill passed.

By the way, Protection at Conception is the only life bill with a non-severability clause, and so any pro-life bill without it is susceptible to the wild west Ben is so fearful of.

Finally, Smaltz landed on the court argument—Smaltz said, “the court will strike it down.” He believes Roe v Wade is the law of the land, but it’s not. Courts don’t make laws!

Smaltz, Wesco, and the rest of the Policy Committee are not relieved of their duties to protect the innocent just because they predict another government official will fail to do so.

Furthermore, the right to murder your own child is not in the constitution.

Indiana has a right and a duty to protect unborn Hoosiers. States have defied the feds when it comes to marijuana and these guys are trying to tell us it’s impossible to do so when it comes to saving babies’ lives.

Folks, Republicans have a supermajority in the Indiana statehouse. They’ve run out of excuses. The truth is it’s possible to end abortion in Indiana. The “pro-life” Republicans just don’t want to do it.

Our legislators are not representing us well, my friend. When given an opportunity to protect every Hoosier baby at conception, they squirm out of their responsibility with absurd excuses like, “It will hurt the pro-life cause to end abortion.”

Smaltz and Wesco are working to keep abortion safe and legal, just like Planned Parenthood.

The real “wild west” for unborn babies is within their mothers’ wombs. For a baby doomed to death by abortion, there’s no place to run, no place to hide, from the suction machine of the enemy.

The Protection at Conception bill, HB 1097, ends the practice of aborting human life in Indiana, and Wesco finds that “dangerous.” It’s dangerous to STOP killing kids in Indiana?! I’ll tell you what’s dangerous for babies-- the barbaric practice of ripping their arms and legs off before they’re born. But Wesco and Smaltz don’t really want to stop it.

If what Smaltz and Wesco really want is an end to legalized child killing in Indiana, then why are they afraid of even having the conversation? No bill makes it out of the Statehouse in its original form. If these guys want to protect all babies from the moment of conception, then they should do their jobs and use the committee to "strengthen" HB 1097. Grant the bill a hearing and a vote.

I am sick and tired of these cowards at the Statehouse! It is time to courageously stare the abortion giant in the face and declare “NO MORE!” No more will we settle for ending abortion “later.”

Legislators say “not here, not now,” and I say NOW is the time and HERE is the place. Let’s make history in Indiana and end the abortion holocaust in our state.

I know there is an army of people behind Protection at Conception, and we can make a difference in the lives of unborn Hoosier babies.

We need a hearing and a roll call vote on HB 1097 so we can see which legislators are serious about ending abortion in Indiana and which are just pretending to care.

We are running out of time and so I urge you, do not wait, call Rep. Ben Smaltz and Rep. Timothy Wesco today and demand a hearing and a vote on the Protection at Conception bill.

Smaltz can be reached at 317-232-9850

Wesco’s number is 317-232-9753

It breaks my heart to know pre-born babies are dying every. single. day. Hoosier babies deserve protection at conception. Rep. Smaltz needs to know the pro-life people in Indiana don’t let legislators simply declare they are pro-life without proving it. Demand Smaltz hear HB 1097 and give other legislators the chance to take a stand for the unborn.

Smaltz’s number is: 317-232-9850

Wesco’s number is: 317-232-9753

If you haven’t already, please sign your petition showing your support for the Protection at Conception bill, HB 1097. After that, forward the petition to others you know will sign.

Finally, a fight like this one is worth every effort I have, but it is also costly. Please consider chipping in $25 or more to help us in the battle for the pre-born. Every dollar will go toward providing protection at conception to all Hoosier babies. I’m so thankful for anything you can give--even $10 or $15 will go a long way in helping us reach more like-minded individuals in Indiana.

Thank you for your phone calls and messages to House Speaker Brian Bosma. I know they made a difference. Let’s flood Smaltz’s and Wesco’s phone lines too, demanding a hearing and a vote for HB 1097 until the “pro-life” Republicans decide they will at least give us a shot at saving Hoosier babies.


Amy Schlichter

Executive Director

P.S. HB 1097, the Protection at Conception bill has been assigned to the Public Policy committee, where it awaits a hearing and a roll call vote. Chairman Ben Smaltz, Vice Chair Timothy Wesco, and other legislators have all kinds of reasons to keep abortion safe and legal, just like Planned Parenthood.

Time is short! Do not delay, call Ben Smaltz today at 317-232-9850 and demand he grant HB 1097 a hearing and a vote.

Call Rep. Wesco, too: 317-232-9753

After that, make sure you’ve signed your petition in support of the Protection at Conception bill.

Finally, chipping in $25, or even $10 or $15, will go a long way in helping us provide protection at conception to all Hoosier babies.

Baby River was left to die in an Indiana Hospital. Read his story HERE.

Send the Miller family an encouraging word by going HERE.

Paid for by the supporters of Hoosiers for Life, a tax exempt non-profit organization under IRC 501(c)(4) which does not endorse, support, or oppose candidates for election.


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