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Anti-Abortion Bill Assigned to Public Policy

Dear Friend,

The bill lives!

After diligent pressure from Hoosiers for Life and hundreds of phone calls, emails, and messages, House Speaker Brian Bosma released his hostage bill, HB 1097, to the Public Policy committee.

It was like pulling teeth to get this guy to do what we wanted him to do and get the bill into committee, but he finally caved to voters’ demands. Although he didn’t outright kill the bill, Bosma may still be planning for its demise.

Bosma pulled this stunt last year. He waited until the very last minute to give us a committee, and then he did so with secret instructions to Policy chair Ben Smaltz to make sure Protection at Conception never saw the light of day.

Bosma sure chose the right guy to do his bidding. Smaltz regurgitated his spoon fed excuses one after the other. We had an answer for them all.

Even though he claims to be pro-life, last year, Ben Smaltz did not waver from his orders to kill the only bill ever to have been filed in Indiana which would save ALL babies from abortion. Bosma adamantly defended Smaltz's inaction and none other than the baby killing giant, Planned Parenthood, thanked him for it.

What is going ON when the “most pro-life speaker in 40 years” and Planned Parenthood are thanking the same “pro-life” guy for killing a bill that would END abortion in Indiana?!

One year later, here we are yet again--Bosma has released the bill he held hostage into the hands of Ben Smaltz.

It is no coincidence Bosma assigned HB 1097 to Smaltz’s committee. He’s counting on Smaltz to kill the bill again. I’m counting on YOU to demand Smaltz do otherwise.

Call Rep. Ben Smaltz at 317-232-9850 and demand a fair hearing and a vote on HB1097, the Protection at Conception bill.

After that, send this message to all of your friends who will call.

We need a hearing and a vote on HB 1097 so voters can know for sure which legislators want to end the slaughter of innocent babies in our state and which are on the same side as Planned Parenthood.

Friends, it is not too late to get a hearing and a vote on the Protection at Conception bill, but time is short! It is imperative you call Ben Smaltz TODAY and demand a fair hearing and a vote on HB 1097.

Ben Smaltz is responsible for the deaths of 8,000 Hoosier babies last year. Will he be found guilty yet again?

He needs to hear from our army of pro-life warriors! He needs to hear from YOU right now. Please call Ben Smaltz and demand a fair hearing and a vote for HB 1097: 317-232-9850

Thank you so much for being a voice for the pre-born babies in Indiana.


Amy Schlichter

Executive Director

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