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Breaking News: ISDH Denies Abortion Clinic Application


For Immediate Release:

Contact Amy Schlichter, Executive Director

Phone: 260-302-5433

BREAKING: Indiana State Department of Health has denied application for new abortion clinic in South Bend

January 10, 2018- Earlier this week, the Indiana State Dept of Health received a notice of legal obligation from a South Bend attorney, reminding them of the state’s responsibility to protect the citizens of Indiana from clinics such as the Whole Women’s Health Alliance (WWHA).

Attorney Shawn Sullivan drafted the notice on behalf of Hoosiers for Life, as well as a number of like-minded Indiana groups and citizens. For a list of groups involved in the denial of Whole Women’s Health application, please see the attached legal opinion.

Whole Women’s Health Alliance submitted an application to open a clinic at 3511 Lincoln Way West in South Bend.

The Texas based non-profit has an interest in establishing abortion centers in low-income, minority communities. Just days after Attorney Sullivan’s legal draft was submitted, the Indiana Department of Health responded to WWHA with a denial of application letter.

Hoosiers for Life Executive Director, Amy Schlichter stated, “Hoosiers for Life is thankful to be represented by attorney Sullivan and we highly respect his diligence in not only shutting down WWHA in South Bend, but also his prior success in the closing of the Women’s Pavilion.”

Hoosiers for Life is a non-profit that promotes the protection of all innocent human life from conception to natural death.


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