• Amy Schlichter

Bosma Holds Pro-Life Bill Hostage

Dear Friend,

The 2018 legislative session is upon us, and Indiana lawmakers are wasting no time focusing on what they think is important. Frankly, now is when we learn which legislators keep their pro-life campaign promises.

As I announced last week, Rep. Curt Nisly has taken a stand for preborn babies killed every year by abortion in Indiana and filed the Protection at Conception bill, HB 1097, which treats the unborn as any other living individual.

If HB 1097 passes, abortion will be OVER in Indiana. No more pill mills, no more babies suctioned from their mothers’ wombs, no more selling baby body parts. Planned Parenthood will be forced to do what they say they do and actually help women for a change, or else close up shop.

An end to the legalized killing of children is what the pro-life community has been fighting for all of these years, and now a bill sits before the Indiana legislature which would finally end the slaughter.

Rep. Nisly fulfilled his promise and his duty to protect the most innocent and helpless people in our society, and now it is up to House Speaker Brian Bosma to decide what he wants to do with this life saving bill. He can either assign it to a committee, or kill it. Right now, Bosma holds the bill hostage on his desk.

Bosma has already assigned bills numbered before and after, but he skipped right over HB 1097. There is still time for the bill to be assigned, but why is he stalling?