• Amy Schlichter

They say They're Pro life. We say Prove It!

People often say politicians are liars.

Well, let’s be civil here, ok?

We want to give House Speaker Brian Bosma, Public Policy Chairman Ben Smaltz, and all of the committee members a chance to prove they really do want to protect human life from the moment of conception.

There is a simple, yet effective way for these politicians to show us they are not only life advocates during campaign season, but also after they’ve been elected. By doing this, they can demonstrate they believe every baby has the right to live.

Receiving money from pro-life groups does not prove a legislator is truly pro-life.

Filming commercials with pro-life endorsements or taking pictures with pro-life lobbyists does not prove anything—those could easily be paid for and staged anyway.

What I’m referring to is a way to weed out the frauds from those who sincerely wish to end abortion.