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They say They're Pro life. We say Prove It!

People often say politicians are liars.

Well, let’s be civil here, ok?

We want to give House Speaker Brian Bosma, Public Policy Chairman Ben Smaltz, and all of the committee members a chance to prove they really do want to protect human life from the moment of conception.

There is a simple, yet effective way for these politicians to show us they are not only life advocates during campaign season, but also after they’ve been elected. By doing this, they can demonstrate they believe every baby has the right to live.

Receiving money from pro-life groups does not prove a legislator is truly pro-life.

Filming commercials with pro-life endorsements or taking pictures with pro-life lobbyists does not prove anything—those could easily be paid for and staged anyway.

What I’m referring to is a way to weed out the frauds from those who sincerely wish to end abortion.

Representative Curt Nisly will introduce the Protection at Conception bill, a bill that will protect all pre-born babies from the moment of conception to natural death.

All Bosma and Smaltz need to do is give the bill a fair hearing and a vote!

Brian Bosma, the self proclaimed “most pro-life speaker in 40 years,” can assign the bill to committee.

Then, pro-life Christian Ben Smaltz can grant the bill a hearing and a vote.

That’s it. Give Protection at Conception a fair hearing and a vote. Any good pro-lifer would want to at least give the strongest piece of LIFE legislation a chance.

Will Ben Smaltz side with Planned Parenthood again this year, or the people of Indiana?

How about Brian Bosma, who reportedly plans to kill the Protection at Conception bill this year. Will he kill the bill? Does he want to put an end to the holocaust in Indiana, or give it another year or forty before trying?

While pro-life politicians wait for the right time to end abortion, the tiniest boys and girls are suctioned out of their mothers’ wombs at the rate of a kindergarten classroom every. single. day.

Enough is enough! The place is HERE and the time is NOW.

They will soon have the bill that would protect all unborn babies—it’s time for Brian Bosma and Ben Smaltz to show their voters where they really stand on the issue of life.

Give us a vote!

A politician says he is pro-life from conception to natural death, and I say prove it.

If these guys really are against abortion and not just liars pretending to care about the babies dying every day in Indiana to get our votes, then they will give us what we want, and what we want is a vote on Protection at Conception.

Brian Bosma and Ben Smaltz need to hear from you TODAY!

Do not delay--sign the petition to demand a fair hearing and a vote for the Protection at Conception bill. After that, please forward the petition to friends you know will sign it, too.

It is important to sign today, because when you do, an email is delivered to Brian Bosma and Ben Smaltz.

These representatives need to hear from you, the people of Indiana whom they represent.

After all, when legislators are reminded who put them in office and why, "it is good for democracy."


Amy Schlichter

Executive Director

P.S. There is a simple way for Brian Bosma and Ben Smaltz to prove they really are against abortion and not just saying so to get our votes--they can give Curt Nisly’s Protection at Conception bill a fair hearing and a vote. I’m counting on you to sign the petition demanding Bosma and Smaltz hold a fair hearing and a vote on this life saving bill. Do not delay! Please sign today! Then, forward to a friend!

P.P.S. Please consider chipping in $10 or $20 to help me reach more people like you who want to end abortion in Indiana.

Paid for by the supporters of Hoosiers for Life, a tax exempt non-profit organization under IRC 501(c)(4) which does not endorse, support, or oppose candidates for election.

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