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Bosma Undecided on Re-Election Bid


Indiana House Speaker Brian Bosma has not decided whether he will seek another term in the legislature, according to Statehouse sources of Hoosiers for Life. This stunning revelation comes only days after Bosma groused about incivility in politics during a major public address.

Speaker Bosma used the latter portion of his Organization Day speech on Tuesday, November 21, to call for greater compassion for “those who are hurting and those who are misunderstood.”

Addressing House members, their families, press, and many other guests, Bosma also declared in the speech that he would not be part of a “long spiral of uncivil conduct in political life."

One week later, Speaker Bosma is said to be huddling with close political advisors to plan his next move.

Bosma was unopposed in the 2016 Republican primary, and he won re-election in the fall with 65% of the vote. However, Speaker Bosma has been under increasing criticism over the past year by life advocates for blocking no-exception anti-abortion legislation authored by Rep. Curt Nisly.

Hoosiers for Life Executive Director, Amy Schlichter stated, “Brian Bosma’s record on life has caused uncertainty inside the pro-life community. He claims to be 'pro-life' yet his influence killed the strongest life bill ever to hit Indiana last year and he fully intends to make sure the bill dies this year. People are wondering if he is truly 'pro-life' or not. The real question is why is he refusing House members a vote on the Protection at Conception bill. It deserves a real conversation, a fair hearing, and each district should be able to voice exactly how they feel about babies dying in Indiana.”

Speaker Bosma’s current term in the legislature runs to November, 2018. If he chooses to run for re-election to another two-year term, he would need to file an application to do so between January 10, 2018, and February 9, 2018.

Bosma’s largely suburban district includes portions of Marion, Hamilton, and Hancock counties on the northeast side of greater Indianapolis. The Republican has served in the Indiana House since 1986.

Hoosiers for Life promotes the protection of innocent human life from conception to natural death. The group’s objective for the 2018 legislative session is to have an up or down roll-call vote on Rep. Curt Nisly's protection of life legislation.

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