• Amy Schlichter

They Don't Want You to See This!

You Have To See This Graphic!

When something memorable happens in your life it is common to acquire a keepsake to help you recollect events worthy of memory.

Hoosiers for Life has many trinkets and reminders that we've collected over the years, but one stands out among the rest. This picture is the single most profound reminder that we must stop abortion immediately.

Before I show you the picture, you must know the backstory.

In the quest to stop abortion we knew we had to have a legislator to file the Protection at Conception Bill. Curt Nisly of Goshen has proven to be a strong advocate for preborn children and with no hesitation he claimed the opportunity.

Once the bill was filed, it traveled into a committee of Speaker Brian Bosma’s choice, the Public Policy Committee. This panel holds 12 individuals who mainly claim to be pro-life and who were elected generally because of their stance against abortion.

Each Committee is elected a Chair, to hold the authority over that legislative group. The Chair is elected by Speaker Bosma and is someone who not only sticks with the agenda for the year but also one who is compliant to Bosma’s direction. If Bosma says no hearing in a bill...there must be no hearing.

Ben Smaltz was the main attraction last year. He held the position of Public Policy Chair, and held out on Indiana voters statewide as they begged for a fair hearing and vote on the Protection at Conception bill. Bosma said no vote...Ben said, ‘yes sir’.

Ben Smaltz would never admit his overzealous submission to Leadership, and certainly would never admit compromise over his own constituents, so instead he gave three failed reasons why he couldn't give the bill a hearing in hopes of keeping the affection of his district. All three lead right up to the infamous picture we will soon show you.

Ben’s first “reason” was the bow to Roe vs Wade, which is an obvious cop out as