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Breaking: It has been confirmed. Life bill is under attack

BREAKING: It's Been Confirmed! Indiana Speaker to Kill Protection at Conception Bill

Leaders say that Indiana House Speaker will Kill Bill that Saves Babies From Murder

Hoosiers for Life previously reported House Speaker, Brian Bosma, is planning to kill pro-life bills this upcoming legislative session, and further information revealed Bosma has no intention of saving Hoosier babies from abortion this year.

Insiders are now reporting Speaker Bosma is plotting to kill the Protection at Conception Bill which would protect Hoosier children from being murdered inside their mothers’ wombs.

Amy Schlichter, Executive Director of Hoosiers for Life, stated, “It never seems to be the right time for Indiana legislators to protect the lives of children. They focus on things such as infrastructure, raising taxes, and the regulation of abortion clinics rather than standing up for what is good and right, especially those dying around us. They have the money, resources, and people to make a huge difference and they continually decide to play around the edges instead.”

Will Bosma kill the bill alone? Sources say no. As easy as it would be to blame Brian Bosma for the failure in providing protection for Hoosier children, last year he did not act alone.

In the 2016 legislative session, Rep. Bosma worked alongside the Chairman of the Public Policy committee to make sure the bill died. Supporters of Curt Nisly’s Protection at Conception bill only asked for one thing, a fair hearing and a vote.

Indiana leadership made sure their request was denied.

Rep. Ben Smaltz, Chairman of Public Policy, along with other committee members, stood complacent as Bosma gave the orders to focus on other things:

“We are always going to disagree about issues like abortion, marriage and perhaps even a hate crimes law. My commitment is not to get distracted on these issues.”

Bosma then went on to say just before last year’s legislative session, “We deal with these every session...You guys ought to be focusing on the stuff that’s really important.”

Disregarding the bill cost Hoosiers the lives of nearly 8,000 children in the last 12 months.

Disregarding it again will cost 8,000 more.

Thousands of voters will be frustrated and dissatisfied to hear the bill that could save thousands of babies from abortion has been refused a fair hearing and a vote--again.

Amy Schlichter says she’s keeping track of who does what this session, because election time is coming.

She said, “Most of Indiana’s Republicans have become establishment. Their core concern is becoming re-elected as you will see when the primary season is here. Even some of those that are currently designing to kill the Protection at Conception Bill will have challengers in the primary, and will be desperate to convince their voters that they are pro-life. We will remind their voters that most legislators have prioritized their own political stature over protecting the lives of children. We will let them know the truth and we will provide the evidence.”

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