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Your Killing Me Smaltz- Letter to the Editor

Recently the Journal Gazette published a LTE from Muncie activist, Jim Arnold.

Hoosiers for Life felt the message rang LOUD and clear!

Legislator's indifference to unborn no joke

According to, “You're killing me, Smalls” is a direct quote from the 1993 film “Sandlot.” After being asked by Ham Porter if he wanted a s'more, Scotty Smalls replies several times with the question, “Some more what?” After his frustration grows with Scotty, Ham replies, “You're killing me, Smalls.”

This phrase is commonly used to express discontent or frustration toward a person. Based on that definition, I could join other pro-life advocates with the lament “You're killing me, Smaltz” to express our extreme disappointment with Republican State Rep. Ben Smaltz, who as chair of the House Public Policy Committee in 2017 refused to give the Protection at Conception bill a hearing or a vote. The bill acknowledged the scientific fact that life begins at conception and consequently should receive the protections afforded in both our Indiana and U.S. Constitutions.

It would be even more appropriate for the 8,000 Hoosier babies sacrificed each year at the altar of convenience to utter the words “You're killing me, Smaltz” – were they not silenced through abortion before they were able to speak for themselves. Sadly, their “killing” was not figurative but literal and lethal.

Consequently, I will unleash the words “You're killing me, Smaltz” to express my frustration, the frustration of pro-life Hoosiers whom Smaltz falsely claims to represent, and the 8,000 babies who will be aborted this year because Ben Smaltz killed the bill that would have saved them from being killed. You're killing me Smaltz, you're killing me.

Jim Arnold


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