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Viral video of 9 yr old saying, "Don't kill me," outside abortion lobby window

“I am a nine year old and the voice of your baby right now. Don’t kill me. Save me! Let me live.”

Young Briana spoke these words outside of The Women’s Med Center on July 28th 2017, hoping to reach the mothers who were inside the Indianapolis abortion clinic and waiting for their appointments. Briana and her mother were attending “Stand for Life Indy,” sponsored by Hoosiers for Life. Bryan Schrank, the H4L Director of Street Ministry, describes this event as “a monthly gathering of like-minded individuals around the state of Indiana to intercede and plead on behalf of the unborn children being aborted at 1201 N Arlington on the Eastside of Indianapolis.”

Hoosiers for Life uses this event to create community awareness, encourage people to get involved, and to save babies from abortion. Pastor Derin Stidd was also in attendance. He said being on the streets and standing for life “is one of the most difficult, and yet most rewarding things I have ever done. The spiritual battle is palpable. The backlash is brutal. It is exhausting. And then a woman chooses to let her baby live, and a person gives their life to Christ, a passerby engages in a conversation and changes their mind about abortion, and you realize that it is all worth it.”

Pastor Derin ministered alongside nearly 150 other people that day, including Briana. He noted, “This little girl is awesome. Throughout the day, I was standing by the side entrance sharing the Gospel, and appealing to women to let us help them, and not to murder their baby. There were at least three times that she asked if she could use my PA, and she stood beside me pleading with women not to murder their babies.” Thanks to Pastor Derin and the other laborers, at least one baby was spared that day.

As the video continues, Briana pleads with women, “Don’t live the rest of your life regretting everything. Don’t live your life asking questions about your baby.”

Hoosiers for Life Executive Director, Amy Schlichter, was the videographer who captured Brianna’s intercession on the now viral video. Amy said, “I have known Briana since she was a baby. I saw her grab the headset and wondered what she might say. She has a bold personality and I figured whatever she said would be good to record. My first thought was to videotape so her mother could see, but when Briana started talking, I quickly realized that I was capturing a very powerful moment.”

Briana goes on to urge pregnant moms inside the clinic to consider the future. She reminds them of the questions that will go unanswered, if they move ahead with ending a child’s life. Briana’s mom says this powerful message is exactly why she is ok with putting the video out there. She states, “[Briana’s] message is powerful and scary. There have been death threats and a lot of hate speech. But what I hold onto is this…” and she shares a comment from a woman who regrets her own abortion:

I love that this little girl stands up and says the truth. After 35 years, I still have some of these questions. I wish she had been there when I walked into the slaughterhouse.

“The woman said she still thinks about all those questions all of these years later and that’s exactly what Briana was saying.” Briana’s mom is incredibly proud of her daughter. She urges everyone to get involved, “God gave us a mouth and a voice for a reason, and we can either stand up or sit down. We have a voice and we need to use that voice.”

Nine year old Briana stood up, and now over one million people have heard her voice.

Briana’s message shows her heart of compassion for pre-born babies. Amy Schlichter agrees, “I believe that children see things more clearly sometimes than most adults. I think Briana’s message is truthful, compassionate, and bold. I agree with her and am very proud of her strong stance at such a young age.”

If you are ready to get involved in this battle for LIFE, there is a place for you! Amy says, “We need all hands on deck. This is a fight for humanity, for human life. This should be everyone’s fight! There should never be a time where people stand alone on this. If this nine year old girl can stand boldly and fight for the lives of preborn children, every American should be standing alongside her.”

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