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Abortionists are still killing babies in Indiana! 


Despite Governor Holcomb’s WEAK “Stay at Home” Order, abortion clinics remain open in our state, and abortionists are still killing babies! 


They are also wasting valuable personal protection equipment that REAL medical professionals could be using to save lives!

Sign the petition demanding that Governor Holdcomb AND AG Curti Hill enforce the “Stay at Home” order pertaining to the shutdown abortion clinics in Indiana, anything less than all abortion clinics to be closed is unacceptable! 




Attention:  Governor of the State of Indiana and Attorney General Curtis Hill

Effective Immediately


WHEREAS:  On March 23rd, Governor Holcomb issued an Executive Order (20-08) stating that he has the authority and powers under Indiana law to declare and respond to public health emergencies on behalf of the State.  

WHEREAS:  Per the Executive Order 20-08, only “Essential Activities” are authorized within the State due to the public health emergency of the virus, COVID-19, which according to the IDHS has spread statewide and is expected to increase in the days ahead.

WHEREAS:  Ordering the suspension of abortion services as part of state-wide directives will preserve personal protective equipment and other medical resources for those in need of and treating the Coronavirus.

WHEREAS:  Abortion is not an “Essential Activity” to preserve the health and safety of Indiana residents.  Abortion clinics are using essential medical supplies that are in limited supply with respect to the crises caused by this dangerous virus.  

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED:  Indiana abortion practices to be suspended immediately per the Directives set forth by the Governor pertaining to the “declaration of a public health emergency throughout the state of Indiana as a result of the outbreak of the coronavirus disease 2019.”

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